Secret love chant

hSecret love chant

Secret love chant this spells works for those people who dont what certain group of people to discover about their love relationship.  For example a married man or woman in a another relationship.  But dont want to break the marriage it will affect the kids.  And decides to go for a new relationship without the husband or wife finding out. There are many reason why one should cast the secret love chant because you love is kept a secret.  And only those people that you want to discover or know about your love relationship will.

There are many various reasons why you should cast this spell to protect your love from bad people.  That might affect your relationship . Are you in a relationship but your family doesn’t  agree or give constant of your relationship.   Stop stressing your self nothing will stress you from being with who ever you want too as long as you cast this spell.

Talking of constant even when your cheating on someone but you want you love affair to go smoothly.  Without you man or woman finding out . In brief they all lots of things that secret love chant does as long as it concerns keeping your love life and affairs secret .

How does secret love chant its magic

For  any spells to go through and its magic you need to have believe and faith and trust i the spell and the person your casting the spell with . Secret love chant is casted in the middle of the day that is sunset or during lunch time.

Say these words in the ritual of casting this spell

I present my love to you and you your the only one who can help me hide my love for those who i dont want to find my love.




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