Remove enemy effect in your life
Remove enemy effect in your life

Remove enemy effect in your life

Remove enemy effect in your life enemy can be someone you or someone that you don’t know. Enemies are created due to the circumstances of life and others come from no where . A person can hate you due to your success beauty wealth or anything else. Although here is remove enemy effect in your life that doesn’t stop people . Enemies will come and go from your life but the most important thing is to prevent their effect to affect you in your life . Many of you have been asking me why you don’t succeed in life . Here is one of the reason is that because of people’s wishes and prayers towards you not only that evil eyes or casting a spell to prevent your success .

Those are not the only reasons there are so many reasons . Do you have an enemy and he or she is getting of nervous stalking fighting undoing all the things you do evil talking or having a beef about one thing or other stop with all that stress here the solution is here and that persons actions or words won’t effect you in any way even if he or she tries hard because you will be protected from any evil or harm form your enemies .

How to do remove enemy effect from your life

If your intentions is to harm any person then your reading the wrong article . This is mainly for to protect yourself the bad outs or effect of your enemies but not to cause any harm.

  • Get a pen and paper write your enemies name date of birth

Say the following words “I am nolonger effected by you (name ) I am in control as I am writing these words . You can effect me in any way . As this ink dries on this paper.”

Burry the paper at the place where your enemy passes or road cover the paper and pen in the ground . Leave and don’t look back.

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