Powerful list spell

Powerful list spell

Powerful list spell simple as this is is to only make a list of things. That you want form your love or things you expect and give to someone. Followed by the prayer and then the ritual . Every one in the world wants to have things in life for example love money or wealth power or fame. It receives to first plan on how your going to accomplish that particular thing. That is why people say plan before you put something into consideration. There are many things things in your life as long you want it them get it with the this spell. This isn’t an immediate spell it takes longer that is a weak to finally get the results.

Things that you get from using the light spell include getting a lover , getting lost love back, job ,wealth, luck remove the negative energy . With the negative energy you need to write a list of things that you know that are effects of the negative energy. For love you need to write a list of things that you want to get and have from your love if you dont have the lover you need to write the list of things you want him or her to have. Job write down the type of the job you want the pay and how you want to be treated will there. With the effect of the list of your needs on the paper your needs or wish can come true or be at your finger tips.

The casting of powerful list spell

The powerful list spell is casted twice in the month at the given period of time given by the caster due to your horoscope. The following are the requirements needed for the spell which include

  • Hash
  • Traditional herbs
  • Spear
  • Coshownuts
  • Paper
  • Shells
  • River water

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