Only me baby chant

Only me baby chant

Only me baby chant

Only me baby chant yes lovers this if you both men and women who want to have their lovers for them selves only. Be in control of your love and relationship . As I always say there is nothing wrong or right in love don’t be afraid of anything you do in love . Ever body in love likes to be in control. For example having what ever you want at the specific time , getting the kind attention , natural love and care you know all the things that actually go with love. Without having the fear of being cheated on left you in the hardest situation the times when you really need his or her affection and attention the most oohs that is so stressing. Because no mater how hard you try to stop your self from thinking of them by dear those thoughts still continue following back to you.

Gone are the days when people didn’t know how to keep their lovers and their love for only themselves now dears people no longer stress about such thing such as having control ,commitment , fear for decease in love or break up , having only that persons love only for yourself ,living happily with you lover without any attention and fear for what might come or will come because their have assurance of love due to the security and all benefits that come along with only me baby chants.

The powerful fast only me baby chants

Ladies and gentlemen here is the way how to do what you have been waiting and here is just the way .

  • First you need a tree and a red thread tie it around the stem of the tree rotating seven times
  • Calling upon the name called kabusu and hanusu the gods of love
  • After say your name and the name of your lover still seven times
  • After all the process get the seven fresh coconut saying all the words of how you want your lover to be and ask you security of love and assurance

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