New love chants

New love chants

New love chants we come to love not by finding the perfect person. But learning to see un imperfect person perfect that is love. There is nothing like perfect your the one who makes what every person you love or want to be perfect to your needs likes and wants .

These new love chants are not only for those you have been in love. But didn’t work out for them but also those who are in the relationship. And want to update it to the next level if broken or with some problems it is also to fix spicy it hence a new loving filled days.

For those who are not looking for new love but what a fix and update in their relationship should be the first people to try to deal with what ever situation your in then the chants come in to speed up and smooth en your way and things when your doing whatever thing it is to build a strong new loving relationship

It reaches when your tired of loving that is mostly due to past love relationship because of being regularly hurt and cheated,mistaken for everything you do hence giving yourself space and sometimes you might give up but you shouldn’t be like.

Because every person who leaves your life gives a chance to better chance to better people coming in your love. And that is what these chants are here for you to make it easy for you and finding your perfect person. And perfect love .

Casting the new love chants

The following are the requirements needed when casting these chants which include

  • Traditional herbs
  • Your self
  • A note to picture the kind of your new relationship. Or how you want your relationship to be updated and fixed
  • Cloves
  • Shells
  • Then the ritual that follow

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