Mine only mine chant

Mine only mine chant

Mine only mine chant .Cast this voodoo spell and make your lover only yours even if you want to keep your position at your work or at the work cast mine only mine chant and nobody will ever take away what belongs to you nor your lovers love ,parents ,family ,friends ,position ,job or even work and some much more that someone but steal or take away form you.

Their is time when life becomes un fair to us by that time when peopleĀ  start stealing that that belong to us and we love so much dearly. There is a say that “Dont spend the whole day in the church praying and you think that GOD is going to put food on your table”So dont just sit and think that things are going to do their selves for you if you want something to be done then you have to do something about it . In this case cast mine only mine chant to keep the things you love dearly and you dont want anyone to take them away form you and also your willing to do anything to keep those things by your side forever and forever.

How to perform mine only mine chant

The first thing is that you need to have an aim of casting this chant even though you might be with more than one but you need to get one and make it the subject reason for your casting this spell. As another many chants in order for your chant to come true you need to have complete faith and believe that your aim or purpose is going to come true.

Ways of casting this spell .

This require sacrifices like a goat , sleep and a cow you only sacrifice what you can afford but doing things beyond your wallet .There a lot ways that you can use just content.



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