Lunar eclipse ritual
Lunar eclipse ritual

Lunar eclipse ritual

Lunar eclipse ritual lunar eclipse occurs when the moon moves into the earths shadow . It only occurs when the sun moon. Are exactly aligned with the earth between the other two . The lunar eclipse happens during the full moon. That is why the full moon is highly used in the world of witchcraft and magic .

So it only happens in the night. And it’s ritual is performed at night . All the things that are on earth are beneficial to s human being. But what makes the difference good from bad is the way how you use that particular thing. Which are your intentions of doing it and what you want to achieve after doing it or in doing it .

The lunar eclipse ritual

A lot of powers are gained when the moon is in the earth shadow which you can use to your advantage . It’s not about the perfectly of your life it’s about finding the right energy. That you need for what everything thing that you want to use it for . With the right energy you can achieve the goodness of it but with the wrong energy. It might back fair so be careful when doing this ritual for the best results.

Those who those slot can be achieved by the use of the lunar eclipse and not a lot is needed . The most thing that matters here is your intentions with your intentions is what defines the ritual for it not all are the same . For example if you want to increase your income it’s not the same ritual when something it is about love these are very different things . So in brief your intentions are very important you need to be care about them . These rituals are powerful and so effective so be clear first with yourself for more information please do contact us .

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