Love spells using candles

Love spells using candles

Love spells using candles. Specialize un aunt voodoo magic  business red using light a candle curse the darkness voodoo magic spells. Most of the spells use candle or have spells let it be love, money ,protection , voodoo spells use spells .Here is the deference of love spells using candles, you can use any type of candles let it be white , red , blue or any type you want to you . Red candles are used for casting enemies , white candles are used for casting for love or your looking for honest, true love,blue candles for lost love or enemies .

Love drawing with love spells using candles

Draw a special lover into your life using love spells using candles then you will see that real change in your life which is amazing and it will last for ever if you cast it especially on a person that you love and has at least less or little feelings to you .

Ever love spell that i bring to you can also be used by the gay or lesbians people because they are also people in love and my spells dont discriminate any group or class of people. The people with same sex love are the most people with true love as discovered.  Because they can understand and know each other situation more than any relationship would be.  So if your out there and you want to cast any spell. Do so because GOD gave the gift of true love and unconditional .

How to cast this spell

This is done daily.

  1. Light the candles and make them in the circle so that you can sit in the middle.
  2. Write your name on a paper and write the one you casting any spell on the another paper
  3. .Apply oil on the paper and twist the papers together . This works if it is a love spell your casting.
  4. Burn the papers and them visor them coming or when you with that person .
  5. Find the place you know the person you have casted the spell for passes and put the ash there .

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