Powerful Attraction Spell
Powerful Attraction Spell

Love spell for your man

Love spell for your man. Woman, I have a spell for you which you only use on man. This spell makes him not to cheat or look on anybody( women) and this is how it goes in tips.
If you want to have someone put a love spell on a man Energy similarity allows male magic practitioners to achieve greater results.

What you need for love spell for your man

You want to use love spells for your man ,you are going to have to prepare for it. things needed for it include:

  • man’s photograph
  • Also his hair samples, leftovers,
  • dirty clothes or some sperm.

Procedure of casting love spell for your man

  1. Keep them in an envelope without showing it to anyone or their energies will be destroyed.
  2. If you are in love with the man who you do not know in person, find a way to introduce yourself to him. Otherwise, the spell cannot be cast. Virtual communication counts too, provided you use your real pictures
  3. If you want to put the spell can be put on the man’s sexual chakra making sex the cornerstone of your relationship which is not recommended for romantic people. Also, the love spell for your man can be put on the chakra of love. That way the cornerstone will be romance, while sex or financial issues will be of less importance.

When you use social media to meet a man, do not make one of the most common mistakes made by women – do not upload only the pictures in which you look good. Upload both good and bad pictures of yourself. Let the man see the real you, including when you are tired or upset, wear no makeup or need to lose some pounds.

The love spell for your man

Once my love spell failed because the client uploaded only her portrait pictures. She looked skinny in those pictures, while in fact she needed to lose about a hundred pounds. The man opened his heart to one woman, the one he met on the Internet, but came to the date to find someone else. He was so disappointed that the energies of the spell dissipated. Fortunately, after he got used to her appearance. It was much easier to put a love spell on him and eventually he accepted her the way she was. So do not be afraid to show the real you. Do not try to mislead your man , the man will fall in love with who you are.

When it comes to love spells for your man, always take in consideration the lunar phases. To put a destructive love spells on your man, perform the ritual on a waning moon. To use peace-making, health or wealth love spells for men, perform the ritual on a waxing moon..

Do not put a love spell on a man if he is an alcoholic, drug addict, has mental disorders, or is sick. For more information please read the articles about it which are posted on my website.

Tips for putting a love spell for your man

Love spells for men do not work if the man is currently in love. So the love spell needs to include two rituals: one ritual to end the man’s current relationship and one ritual to put a love spell on him.

Black magic rituals strengthen the man’s negative character traits, while weakening the good ones. When you put a white magic love spell on a man, it improves the man’s personality.

Never try to put a love spell on the man you do not loves. There are no love spells for men designed to be used for revenge. It does not matter who you want to get even with, a man or the woman who loves the man. Either way, such experiments end badly for you.

If you want more than just love there several rituals, such as a love spell, fidelity spell, prosperity spell, marriage spell, childbirth spell, fidelity protection spell, and a divorce protection spell. These are all different rituals which should not be performed simultaneously. Therefore, put a love spell on a man and wait for its results before you put the next spells on him, the fidelity spell, and so on.

This is why you always need to know how exactly your love spell will be

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