Love Returns Love Spells
Love Returns Love Spells

Immortal red apple spell

Immortal red apple spell apples and apples blossoms of love are symbolic of love and immortality in love apples are known as. One of the best gift of love the apple for the spell is not just chosen to get the magic apple in the garden. When choosing a apple for the spell your close your eyes count to the fifth tree and pick one or two apples. If it is the apple bucket still close your eyes count up to five and select the open the first one which your hand gets to . Fresh apples are the most preferably apples or the ones you p from the garden yourself.

I am sure that you have heard or red of the ancient stories of Adam and Eve as there ate the forbidden fruit. That is the apple which opened their eyes to love . In all the fairy tales such as. Snow White the queen used the apple to spell snow but using the princes love. In Spell casting or witchcraft the shape that the apple is cut from symbolizes it. For example when the apple it is cut from the shape of the heart symbolizes love. And star symbolizes peace.

How to cast immortal red apple spell

This spell is casted during snow or winter time even when the weather it is just cool not sunny and not rainy . The following are the ingredients needed in the casting of this spell. Which include two red apples ,mango tree leaves , river soil or water,fresh cloves, honey,coconut oil,knife,4 red candles.


  • Get one apple and cut off the top of it and put aside.
  • Apply coconut oil with it. Get the mango tree leaves and rap in the river soil.
  • Get the another apple wash it with coconut water.
  • Cut the heart at the right side of the apple.
  • After the process give it to your lover to take a bit . The rest of the ingredients are for making a potion.

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