Hoodoo ritual to win a trial
Hoodoo ritual to win a trial

Hoodoo ritual to win a trial things you need
Seven white candles
A small crucifix
A silver coin
Seven bay leaves
A small bag of white silk

How it’s done
Place seven white candles in a circle around the crucifix and light them in a clockwise direction, starting from the one facing east.

Recite this magic formula seven times:

“Blessed is the man who does not enter the council of the wicked, does not remain in the way of sinners and does not sit in the company of toxic people, but in the law of the Lord he finds his joy, his law meditates day it’s night.

The Hoodoo ritual to win a trial

It is like a tree planted along waterways, which bears fruit in its time: its leaves do not wither and everything it does is successful.

Not so, not so the wicked, but as chaff that the wind disperses; therefore the wicked in judgment and sinners will not rise in the assembly of the righteous, for the Lord watches over the path of the righteous, while the path of the wicked goes to ruin. Watch over my path, oh my Lord. “

Insert the crucifix into the white silk bag together with the silver coin and the seven bay leaves.

Let the candles burn out.

Keep the bag near your bed for seven consecutive nights.

Every evening, before going to bed, kneel down and holding the sack in your hands, repeat the magic formula.

From the eighth day, keep the bag always with you, especially in times when its power is required: interviews, hearings, etc.

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