Honey love spell

Honey love spell

Honey love spell  is used to sweeten someones feeling or behavior or depression  towards you . The good and nice thing about honey love spell is that it doesn’t only work for lovers.  But also for individuals , organisations such as banks , companies and legal entitles you are in or you wish to work for .

This lovely spell can also be used mostly when your at work and things dont go your way or your working under a lot of pressure , less pay and with people who want to remove you form your position in the company . With case of lovers honey love spell will help you to sweeten your love and if the behavior of your partner are not nice to you or his or her feelings are not in one place this spell will help you put him or her in the place that you want him or her to be.

Suggested tools for the honey love spell

  • One item representing the particular person or organisation your casting this spell for
  • An image of your self and your partner or if it is a business an image of you in that specific place
  • Sugar , honey ,syrup , nectar etc Anything that you can get your hands on as long as it is sweet you for example white chocolate.
  • Candles
  • Glass
  • If your casting it for love then you get 1 hair of your lover


  1. Get a clean glass. Make sure it is well cleaned if not clean it more by your self my. First soaking in the washing liquid with a nice scent,and the cleanse the glass very well.
  2. Declare the purpose of casting honey love spell. By saying for example if it is about love or your partner ( This picture of mi and my love say his or her name represents the sweetness of our new love and leaving all the bad thing in the past ) .dont the same if it is about business but here you put the name of your bushiness and the purpose.
  3. Pour the sweeten mixture until it covers the target picture.
  4. Place the light candle on top of the glass
  5. Reapt your intention for two more days
  6. You can even serve the sweetened mixture to the target person.

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