Haitian voodoo love spell

Haitian voodoo love spell
Haitian voodoo love spell

Haitian voodoo love spell aren’t all that unique from the usual brand of voodoo magic, but it’s got a particular Caribbean flair.
Voodoo (or Vodoun) is actually the dominant religion in Haiti, even though we may think of it as an unusual faith here in North America. Haitian voodoo love spell

There is more to these spells than the usual voodoo doll or poppet spell, so here are a couple of traditional Haitian voodoo spells that don’t require a doll.

A Protection Pour

A strong protection spell with voodoo elements, to be used to block unwanted magick from coming into your home. Do this spell on the night of the new moon (the dark moon). You’ll need to have:

A cups of pure water (rain is best)
Black ink
4 or 5 black whole peppercorns
A pinch of graveyard dirt
A splash of vodka
A red candle
Light the candle before you begin. Mix everything together in a bowl made from glass, metal or ceramic. Stir everything around with the index finger of your left hand. Call to the voodoo God Legba to protect your house.

Go out to your front door, and pour the mixture all over the steps or walkway coming up to the door. Splash it around good. You can continually refresh the spell by pouring out a new shot of vodka over the same area each night of the new moon.

New Love Floor Wash

Floor washes may seem like a strange way to do magick, but it’s a very common spell format in voodoo and hoodoo. Here is a recipe for making a floor wash to help bring a little new love into your life.

1 quart of fresh rain water (clean stream water would do)
Half a fresh lime
5 drops of pure rose oil
1 whole bay leaf
Several whole white mustard seeds
Mix everything together and let it “steep” for at least an hour. After that, get on your hands and knees and wash the floor in your kitchen with this mixture. You don’t need to scrub or anything like that, just rub down the entire floor. It will start to draw love for you as soon as the floor dries.

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Kiss of Aphrodite
You can harness the mighty power of Aphrodite in this love spell to help bring true love into your life.

  • Deep red lipstick
  • 15 red candles
  • 3 pink candles
  • 5 white candles
  • Square of white cloth
  • Clean sea shell
  • Piece of red yarn or ribbon
  • Small white dish
  • Fresh strawberries

First create an altar area for your spell that won’t be disturbed while the spell is active. Create 3 rings of candles, with the white on the inside, then a ring of pink and the red candles on the outside. The exact size doesn’t really matter. Light all 15 candles, one ring at a time, starting with the white ones.

Repeat the first part of the spell out loud:

By the power of Aphrodite,
I ask the Goddess to bless my ritual
To bring forth a true love
So mote it be

The Haitian voodoo love spell

Then put on the lipstick (yes, even if you are a guy), and put a big lip print in the center of the cloth. Say:

By this kiss,
I bring power to this spell
To bring forth a true love
So mote it be

Set the seashell over the print, and wrap the cloth up over the shell to make a little bundle. Tie it up with the red yarn. Set the charm in the center of the inner candle circle. Now say:

By this shell,
I call the Goddess,
To bring forth a true love
So mote it be

Run your hands around each circle of candles, just above the flames, Again, start with the inner circle of white candles, and move outward. Set the dish in the circle, and add a berry or two (they represent the Goddess).

Leave all the candles to burn out naturally on their own (it doesn’t matter which colors go out first). Leave everything in place until you meet someone new. Replace the strawberries with fresh ones everyday. If no new relationships reveal themselves, you should wait at least one full moon cycle to try this ritual again.

Black magic spells that work 2021

Do you know someone who has something you want? This is a spell designed to make them lose it and have it come to you instead. It’s not a love spell to “take” a person though, this is for objects only.

And it may not work in a literal sense. If you want their TV, they can lose theirs through damage or theft and then you find yourself with extra money to buy your own. You don’t always get their item exactly. You get the idea. It depends on the situation.

dark magic spells
Your supplies for this spell include:

A dark green candle
Hot red pepper flakes
Two images of the object you want
A fire-proof dish
You can use photos from newspapers or magazine, or make a drawing yourself. It doesn’t have to be an exact photo of the actual object. Just a representation.

Put the two images together, face to face, with a sprinkling of red pepper flakes between them. Fold the pages in half, and then in half again. Make sure the flakes stay inside the paper. Repeat the following:

I covet and seek,
To take from the meek.
Bring this to me,
I wish it to be.

Visualize the person you wish to take the object from, and light the paper bundle on fire in the dish. Before it burns out completely, use the flames to light the candle. Repeat the words again, focusing on the object and the person who has it.

Leave the candle to burn out on its own. You should time this spell so that some part of it is still going at midnight, even if its just the candle burning.

Sickness Descends

This is a spell to bring illness down on someone. You can use this kind of dark magic spell as a form of revenge, or to get someone out of the way when competing for something in your life (romance, a job, an actual competition).

A rotten egg
A photo or drawing of the person
Wood ash
A rusted pin or nail
Odds of having a rotten egg just sitting around are pretty slim, so you should plan on doing this spell in advance. Leave a whole (uncracked) raw egg out in the sun for several days until is starts to smell a little ripe. It can take a week or even more. Haitian voodoo love spell

When you are ready to do this spell (try for a Saturday), remember that it will smell bad and you might not want other people home when you do it.

Set out the photo on a table, on a plate or tray. Puncture the egg with the rusted pin and crack it open over the photo. Let the gunk cover up the picture as you think about that person getting sick. Sprinkle wood ash over the rotten egg. Let everything sit for a few minutes. Again, concentrate on your intentions as you enjoy the aroma.

Then take the plate outside, and bury the whole mess with the photo facing downwards. Your target will be ill within a week.


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