Green candles lottery spell
Green candles lottery spell

Green candles lottery spell

Green candle lottery spell. This is a straight forward lottery spell that needs a unique visualization technique and a few magical words. First of all we must focus with a positive and persevering attitude, on how we want to see each other in the future.
Visualize your well-being , your children at the university, the payment of your mortgage and all the other needs covered.
When you’re fully concentrated on yo
ur future, you need to proceed with the spell.

Things you need for the green candles lottery spell include:

  • Two green candles
  • oil
  • A few small coins
  • The same number of stones
  • A lighter

How is green candles lottery spell are done

Repeat 3 times, loud and clear:

“I, (your name), invoke the power of the four elements,Water, fire, earth, and air. Bring me all the money I need and want.Without harming anyone and for the highest good. So be it”.

Now you have to wait until this spell takes effect but it matters for of the things the first one is your target for the faster results contact me for help and assistance and keep on reading more of my lottery spells.

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