Binding spells for enemies

Binding spells for enemies

Binding spells for enemies. The  binding  enemy is a confession that has you speak against the enemy to bring full restoration into your life. You must fight back bind your enemies and win. With this spell it keeps all your enemies away form you and it prevents all the bad things that might come. And prevents all the harm that might come to you . Binding spells for enemies is an amazing spell which doesn’t only prevent you form your enemies but also your friends who are pretending  to be your close people but in reality when there are casting or planning some thing evil on to you .

This spell uses compact  that consists of two mirrors in order to re contain the the image of the enemy and all his or her evil doings who might be attacking you . The magic behind this spell is that the image of your enemy  is trapped between the two mirrors and transforms the energy form negative to positive as well as keeps the persons distance.  So it can never reach you and if the enemy persist the evil will turn back to him or her in the more powerful way than the power that the enemy sent it form .So cast this spell to prevent your self form enemies that might send to you .

How to cast binding spells for enemies

Requirements needed for this spell include:

  • 4 red candles
  • Two red mirrors
  • Red cloth
  • Photograph of your enemies

This is who binding spells for enemies is done

I have many spells for enemies and this is one of them so cast it you will never regert.

  1. Light the candles
  2. Take a photograph or your enemy
  3. Place it between the two red mirrors
  4. Put the red cloth down
  5. If the mirror are too red then snap the photograph.



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