Powerful sacrifice spells

Powerful sacrifice spells

Powerful sacrifice spells sacrifices are mostly know for blood because blood is the powerful fuel of life all the breathing things in life need blood to live life. Form the ancient years and since the creation of man kind or earth blood was used in the way of pleasing the ancestors ,gods and God may religions make many forms of sacrifices for the God . Catholic still drink blood Christ in their commitment to God or Jesus and in the modern days Christians eat the bread which is said it is made from the blood of the Christ.

Most spell casters and witches including me choose to use blood in our work to attract energy ,commitment and sacrifice blood is a factor in casting spells mostly in protection,voodoo , love ,revenge and white and black magic and any another casting or witch craft process but I only use it in the above.

One of rituals for powerful sacrifice spells

For these rituals only animals and birds such as cows ,goats,sheep,camels and birds such as hens,parrot. And so much more but Bart ,owes are not advisable to be used . The type of Animal depends on what is your need and problem. Each animal and bird has its special powers for specific spells. Note “human being are not used in any scarfice spells” if done it’s against the law of spell casters. Animals and birds that are used should be should for human consumption. If you feel uncomfortable with the killing of the animal get someone to do it for you. But you need to be present in the process after collect its fresh blood and begin the process which is

When sacrificing the animal first call up the gods. Don’t forget to put your aim and target in your intentions ,you don’t need to say. Because all that matters here is your inner you not words

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