Love Magic


March 6, 2021 ADMIN27256 0

Love Magic Yes love spells do exist and anyone can use them. The best magick comes from within yourself. Of course, you can’t just sit […]

Transformation Spell

Transformation Spell

February 27, 2021 ADMIN27256 0

Transformation Spells. A true, physical gender transformation spell isn’t possible. Sorry. That’s just more than what magick can do for you. But if you are […]

Freezer spells


February 25, 2021 ADMIN27256 0

Freezer spells can be used for all kinds of purposes, and they all involve locking something away in your freezer. The use of dark and […]

Hoodoo spells


February 22, 2021 ADMIN27256 0

Hoodoo spells are very similar in some ways to other forms of witchcraft, but you really shouldn’t confuse Hoodoo and Voodoo. Despite the names, they […]

Immediate Truth Spells

Immediate Truth Spells

February 21, 2021 ADMIN27256 0

Immediate Truth Spells. Knowing a good truth spell is helpful when you have to deal with dishonesty. Just remember that forcing people to tell you […]

Happiness Spells

Happiness Spells

February 21, 2021 ADMIN27256 0

Happiness spells can help you to perk up your mood, but they can’t really replace true happiness. These spells can help you brighten up, lose […]

Crystal love spells


February 18, 2021 ADMIN27256 0

Crystal love spells aren’t a new kind of spell, just a collection of love magick that uses stones and crystals for focusing romantic energy. We […]